Trafficwave net – must have tool for serious business

This is a review about a program that’s, from my opinion very important for any kind of online business today.

If it is for you or not, is it key for your business or it’s too complicated for you, you can decide after this review.

Let’s start with simple explanation.

What is Trafficwave and why is it so important? is an autoresponder Email marketinging company operated by Hamney Roobright, Inc. located in Spring, Texas. Founded in the year 2000 by Brian Rooney and Stephen Hambright. develops and manages autoresponder technology for small and medium-sized businesses in over 140 different countries.

TrafficWave manage have over 10,000,000+ clients who access use web-based autoresponder system 24/7 to manage and send newsletters, sales letters, special offers, and other important communication to their subscribers.

Powerful Features of using autoresponder make it easy for you to build, manage, and profit from your own email marketing lists. Below are great features you get with TrafficWave…

  • Manage Unlimited Lists.
  • Collect As Many Data As You Want – Along with the email you can decide whether you want just the name or first name and the surname or the phone number or the location etc.
  • Schedule Broadcasts With a Mouse-Click – Send a special offer or letter to a single subscriber, a group of subscribers or your entire database with a single click. Send your broadcast instantly or schedule it to go out at a later date.
  • Track Your Open Rates.
  • Track Your Click-Throughs.
  • Easily Create Opt-In Forms For Your Website.
  • Use Our Convenient Opt-In Forms.
  • Send HTML or Text Messages.
  • No Complicated Programs to Download or Install.

Most Affiliate marketers do fail because they refuse to do one basic secret which is a key to achieving success.

Even, not just achieving success, but also earning income that is consistent. If you’re going to achieve that, than surely you need to start building your Email list of all your customers.

There is a saying that if you don’t have a list you don’t have business online – and that is very true. Why? Because most of the people who visit your website may not buy anything or take any action on the spot.

However, most of them would like to leave their Email addresses with you. And having their Email gives you the opportunity to follow up on them.

Which may lead to some sales. Yes, this is what the most successful Affiliate marketers are doing to build 6 figures and even 7 figures online.

So if you don’t have a list of your customers, you don’t have a business!

TrafficWave Affiliate Program

TrafficWave is an autoresponder service that offers the best compensation plan I have ever seen, not to mention an email autoresponder that out performs all the rest. For an incredible $17.95 a month you get a top-notch autoresponder and are an affiliate of TrafficWave which gives you the ability to earn up to 10 levels deep due to the nature of the compensation plan. For people who are serious about working for themselves and earning a full-time income from home, the TrafficWave affiliate program can allow you to do just that.

There are four ways in which you can earn from TrafficWave as an affiliate:

  • 1) Weekly Fast Track Bonuses – Each time you refer a NEW Active Customer to the AutoResponder service, you will be paid 100% of the new sales revenue as a Fast Track Bonus. Our Weekly Fast Track Bonus plan encourages new sales growth. Fast Track Bonuses are paid weekly and there is no limit to the number of Fast Track Bonuses you can earn each week.
  • 2) Monthly Residual Commissions – This is paid on three levels. Surfer, Tidalwave and Tsunami.

Surfer – To qualify for Monthly Residual Commissions at the Surfer level, you must have at least one personally referred Active sale. You will than be paid through 3 levels of your organization.

Tidalwave – To qualify for Monthly Residual Commissions at the TidalWave level, you must have at least five personally referred Active sales. You will than be paid through 5 levels of your organization.

Tsunami – To qualify for Monthly Residual Commissions at the TSUNAMI level, you must have at least ten personally referred Active sales. You will than be paid through 10 levels of your organization.

  • 3) Leadership Bonus – Active Affiliates who have achieved the status of TidalWave or Tsunami can qualify to earn Leadership Bonuses each month.
  • 4) Guaranteed Traffic Affiliates are paid a 10% commission on each sale of Guaranteed Visitors. These sales are paid each month with the Monthly Regular Commissions. There is no limit to the amount of Guaranteed Traffic Commissions an Affiliate can earn.


Why you should choose TrafficWave!

Not only is the one of the best Email listing companies out there, but hey have all the tools you need to achieve your online success.

To help you see the legitimacy and authenticity of their services – Traffic Wave gives you 30 days FREE Trial, which allows you to try their system and than if you’re satisfied, you can upgrade by paying for it.

You do not need to become an Affiliate of TrafficWave to be able to use or benefit from their services, however, this also another fine opportunity for you to make extra income out of your business.

As an Affiliate, you have the opportunity to use some money you will get from referring other customers to TrafficWave to pay for your membership, so you will not need to give 17.95$ from your pocket monthly.

I recommend watching the video below – it will explain everything you need to know about Traffic Wave’s Affiliate Plan!

As an Affiliate of , you can earn residual commissions on every new business you refer to

Yes, and this also can be a supplement to your regular income.

One more fantastic thing with Trafficwave – No matter how many list you have or how may subscribers you have, the price stays the same!

My opinion about TrafficWave.

What I especially love about this autoresponder program is 30-days for free! Excellent if you don’t know much about autoresponders or you are new in online marketing, so you have enough time to research and learn if you like the program and how to use it. Would personally suggest from my own experience, newbies should to go for the free trial offer and see it… Watch the training videos for sure you will love it. Then you can decide for yourself.


Rank & Overview



Price: $0 Free trial for 30 days & $17.95 per Month. You can SIGN UP for Trafficwave 30 DAY FREE TRIAL HERE nothing to lose!

Owners: Brian Rooney and Stephen Hambright.

Overall Rank: 98 out of 100

I hope you enjoyed this Trafficwave review! If you need any help or have questions, please post a comment below, I will be more than happy to help you out!


2019 Wealthy Affiliate Review – Built for successful marketers

Hello! 🙂 In this post I will give you complete review of Wealthy Affiliate University, and what is it all about. Is it worth your time and how it can help your business.

No matter if you are beginner or experienced marketer, Wealthy Affiliate always have something great to offer.

If you’re looking for a legitimate way to make money online without getting paid pennies for doing surveys or PTC sites, then this Wealthy Affiliate review might be exactly what you’ve been searching for.

What is Wealthy Affiliate about and what you get? – All-in-one platform

Wealthy Affiliate University is all-in-one platform where you get full step by step training, and also live coaching for starting your online business. You learn from the scratch how to build your business on the right way and become successful in it.

Wealthy Affiliate University provides two main things:

1 – Affiliate Marketing Training.

2 – Affiliate Marketing Tools.

Once you get in you are getting all the tools needed for any online successful business and that is the reason why it is great place for even experienced affiliate marketers.

The tools contain the following:

  1. WordPress website hosting with SSL certificate for 25 websites on registered domains and 25 websites on free domains.
  2. Advanced keyword research tool for SEO. – Jaxxy Lite
  3. Content editing Platform.
  4. Access to royalty free stock images.
  5. Comments acquisition platform.

Also they have a lucrative affiliate program that rewards affiliates with 50% recurring commissions from their referrals.

Besides full training and also live coaching, you are getting all-in-one support 24/7 for your business and also you become a part of The Most Helpful Community in the World.

Every experienced online marketer can confirm that all of this is VERY important in an online business and that it is pretty expensive, if you pay it separately.


The thing is, Wealthy Affiliate is not only “how to” website with video training, it is much more that. The main thing is the unique way training is created to make you understand how all components provided fits all together.

Once you understand that learning each component becomes a lot easier, because you understand the BIG picture.

What you will learn at Wealth Affiliate? – Simplified Training Lessons

From the very beginning of the training, you will learn how to make a niche for your website. Also, you will have step-by-step video how to start making your website, using your niche.

The training contains the following main components:

  1. Entrepreneur Certification Course (5 levels – 10 lessons each) which comes with actionable tasks to achieve and build your business while you learn. The free membership gives an access to the first level.
  2. Affiliate Bootcamp Course (7 levels – 10 lessons each) which comes with actionable tasks to achieve and build your business in the Online Marketing and Money Making niche specifically while you learn. The free membership gives an access to the first level.
  3. Live weekly webinars that are aired every Saturday, but also all recordings for all the previous webinars are accessible to premium members anytime.
  4. Classrooms: 12 classrooms dedicated for one topic each such as: SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, keyword research, ..etc. Free members can access two of the classrooms.

It is very simplified so even if you are a beginner you can not fail with this program!

You can start for free HERE.

Membership at Wealthy Affiliate – Possibility of “see by yourself”

You are registering as Starter member in Wealthy Affiliate for 0$.

You have time to see for yourself how it looks like. I fell in love with this program after first 24 hours. 🙂

Also, you have 7 days to use all Premium features, and see if you like it. As Starter member you can choose your niche and make 2 websites with full training for beginners. So you can start your business for free, and take advantage of the premium features right away.

If you decide to try Premium Membership, you have very affordable first month discount, so you can become Premium Member for only 19$!


Wealthy Affiliate, affiliate program – lucrative and awesome

Wealthy Affiliate has very lucrative affiliate program, and you can earn from it even if you are Starter Member. Also, you can cover very fast your monthly subscription with actually only two Premium Members invited by yourself.

If you want to get started with affiliate marketing niche, you can go immediately with WA Affiliate Bootcamp .

There you will learn techniques how to promote and get referrals for Wealthy Affiliate.

When any of your referrals go Premium, you will earn a commission, even if you are a Starter Member. 

Of course, Premium Members will get higher commission, but it means that even if you are Starter, you can also earn money.


I am inviting you to try Wealthy Affiliate University for free! No obligations! Only email is needed to sign up.

JOIN ME HERE – you need only email address to join for Free!

I will be there to give you a hand for anything you might need. When you sign up I will get notification and I will contact you within a minute. 🙂

Wealthy Affiliate Support – unique community of experts that cares

One of possibly most important things within Wealthy Affiliate, and surely one of most helpful is the Wealthy Affiliate Community. Since day one I was amazed by the fact that whenever someone put up a question, there is an answer up within a minute, posted by some experienced fellow WA marketers!

I was really surprised how WA Community works! It;s actually not just community, it’s more like a huge family!

For me, it means a lot. Every time I am not sure about something or I just have a question, there is always someone to answer me, even if it is night, or early morning, or maybe afternoon.

You probably know the feeling when something bothers you within your business, when you have a question that you write to the support and that you need to stop everything what you are doing and wait for the answer….. That can not happen in Wealthy Affiliate. There is always someone who knows more that you and who’s willing to give you an answer.

To Start Most Advanced Training On The Internet, Click Here!!

Wealthy Affiliate – Overview & Rankings

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Website URL:

Training: 4.8 out of 5.0

Support: 5.0 out of 5.0

Website Builder: 4.9 out of 5.0

Hosting: 4.8 out of 5.0

Research Tool: 5.0 out of 5.0


To Start Most Advanced Training On The Internet, Click Here!!

If you decide to sign up above, I will meet you again in Wealthy Affiliate Community!

Wish you success,


About Alex!

Hello everyone, I’m Alex, working-from home mom. I live in Abu Dhabi but originally I am from Serbia. Since my family and I moved here – 5 years ago, I find myself useless, because I was staying at home mom, without a job! In Serbia, I worked as film and TV editor in National Television of Serbia, and that was my passion. But as we came here with 3 kids, I needed to stay home because of the kids, especially the youngest one, she was 3 at that time.


After some time I started thinking about working online and was ready to give all what it takes to make any money on my own. Well, it wasn’t that easy … I found a lot of scam websites. Also was working for some legit ones for about few years and started earning but it wasn’t steady income, it all was temporary and I didn’t know if it will be same the next month or it will change to better or worse.

I had no idea that things like blogging can earn you money, for example! Tried with making website and sell things which was good as it showed some results, but it still wasn’t the thing I am looking for – Steady income.

My research last more than several months until I found an online training program where I can learn everything from the scratch! I am still learning and I’m not gonna say that it’s an easy work, but it is the right thing I needed… place where I can learn everything I need to have exactly what I want – steady income.

And I have to say that I am enjoying learning new stuff! 🙂


I know there are a lot of people desperately seeking some 100% legit site to start their online business and also to learn HOW to do it. I was pretty amazed when I realized what I am getting for the premium membership in Wealthy Affiliate! It is true, if you join the program over my link, and buy Premium Membership, I will earn a commission. But also, I want to help those that are run into scams all the time trying to find the legit program for developing their online business.

I am sure now that it works, and I want to share it with others!

Besides that, I mention other great thing for earning money online on this website. Stay tuned, it will be updated, step by step!


… If you are serious about earning money online and if you are sick of scams! (I honestly think we’ve all been trough that phase once…)

If you want to learn a lot of new things that actually work, and lead to making full time steady income.

If you are willing to put in your effort and time in it and watch your profit grows from month to month.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,